My Football Tournament

On  Thursday me and some other people went to a football tournament. We had to run to the metro  then Mr Danquah forgot his phone. He was  exhausted  he wanted to go back to school and get his phone. After, the metro came so then we got into the metro and when we came down from the metro it was freezing. Then when we got to the field we had to go into a corner and change our clothes. When we were finished we went into the fantastic field and played our first match. Each match was five minutes  and we played five matches. We lost all our matches except from  our last match and we won 4-0 and I scored a classic goal !

Seven stories 💙💙

I went on a Friday afternoon to seven stories. On my way to get there I was just thinking about what book I was going to get.When I got to seven stories the kind, nice and helpful man gave me a sticker !While other people who are getting a lovely,big and small book I was having trouble with finding a good and the right book for me!Later,I had found 2 books called Zoe’s rescue zoo,and another one called Zoe’s rescue zoo then we saw Harry Potter wands and books Jack got a Harry Potter book.While other people who are looking about for a book we were all at the till !  Finally we skipped outside and drove off !Then we where having a great talk about how many pages we have in the book! When the mini bus stopped we all got out of the back of the bus! When it was getting parked everyone ran inside!

The amazing trip to the museum

Firstly we skipped onto the mini bus it was quite tight. After when we got there my group went to see the extinct T-REX. After a while Ronnie said “Everyone come and see these rocks”. After we went up stairs and we saw animals with buttons then Ronnie clicked one and guess what they made creepy noises. After that Jamaal saw matching animals and we rolled them then we got all back together.

My amazing trip!

On Thursday  year three Quinn  went on a fun, interesting and exciting trip. When we all got  to the museum we split into groups  we went  different rooms also looked at different things. After that, we changed around  my group went to see the Ancient Egyptians we got  to go into the  after life and did some amazing, nice and interesting activities!

Thank you Mrs Quinn very much!




My exciting trip!

On the fun,exciting and interesting trip we saw Ancient Egyptian things. Then, we changed around so all three  groups could see all of the amazing rooms! After that, we learnt the yummy food was made out of bread also water. After, we saw a huge elephant also we saw real snakes and some real fish. Then, we changed around again and we saw some bones making a huge t-rex.

Thank you very much!

The amazing telly scope machine

Firstly, you have to press the red button so the red hand will appear with a furry, green tennis ball.

Next, pull the red hand so the tennis ball can land into the picture and launch on the target.

After that, the ball will role down the black tube like a tornado and land into a clear basket, the ball will turn half way around the circle.

Finally, the ball will land onto the other red hand and the TV will come to you, you can then turn the TV on without having to move and you can sit and relax.

My little Elf

My little Elf is very naughty he also has a naughty  little sister . Every Morning  wen I wake up my Elfs  were  doing silly things , once  they were in the frije ,  hanging from the  lamp shaid  and  hiding  in the Christmas tree. My little Elf s  only come out before Christmas to make sure  me, Warren and Lottie are being good for Santa coming for Christmas. Now Christmas is over the little elfs have gone back home to elf land.

How to make a booby trap

F irstly, put a pile of  enormous snakes under the net. You must stand on a metal, square and shiny plate which causes you to fall in a dark, damp hole. Next, you put your bag of gold on an arm rest which would cause arrows to shoot out in different directions like lazers.

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